Can we buy sex doll with a small budget ?

As we all know a sex doll is not cheap, the price of a sex doll is $1500-2500, so some people say that sex dolls are for rich man, because only rich man to buy it.

Why somebody think buy a sex doll is not worthy

Fist, the sex doll can’t move, and can’t talk. It is just a masturbator, so the love doll isn’t not worthy the money. It is better to have a real girl. However if you are in a relation with a woman, you have to spend a lot time and money in the relation. You need to hung out, eating and buy presents on festival. You need to take care of you girlfriend when she is in mad. The sex doll, you don’t care of her mood. It's many times cheaper than marriage, divorce, etc. And if you go to a prostitute you're looking at probably $100 per bang minimum.

So basically if you buy a doll and fuck it 20 times, it pays for itself. But having that doll available to you at all times, being able to look at it any time, being able to cuddle with it, take pictures, whatever you want...these are the things that make dolls truly priceless.

By the way, sex doll is suit for those who don not want to live with real woman, and people who want to have a masturbation.

In fact, there are have cheap(affordable) sex doll. our sex doll sell from our factory directly, so there is no extra fee . The quality and after-sales is guaranteed.

In general, the doll more shorter, the price more lower. so if you want to buy sex doll, but the budget is limited, you can consider buying a mini sex doll, or sex torso. Mini sex doll and sex torso are lighter and more convenient to use, beside it is convenient to hide. But if you are afraid to arrest a pedophile for buying a 100cm doll and have enough budget, you can buy higher love doll with mature face, which is not like a child.

Our store have a lot of mini dolls,you can check by yourself .And we will always provide the best for you .Will you take them home ?